Demo Paper "Large-Scale Social-Media Analytics on Stratosphere" Accepted at WWW 2013

27 Mar 2013

Our demo submission
"Large-Scale Social-Media Analytics on Stratosphere"
by Christoph Boden, Marcel Karnstedt, Miriam Fernandez and Volker Markl
has been accepted for WWW 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Visit our demo, and talk to us if you are attending WWW 2013.

The importance of social-media platforms and online communities - in business as well as public context - is more and more acknowledged and appreciated by industry and researchers alike. Consequently, a wide range of analytics has been proposed to understand, steer, and exploit the mechanics and laws driving their functionality and creating the resulting benefits. However, analysts usually face significant problems in scaling existing and novel approaches to match the data volume and size of modern online communities. In this work, we propose and demonstrate the usage of the massively parallel data prossesing system Stratosphere, based on second order functions as an extended notion of the MapReduce paradigm, to provide a new level of scalability to such social-media analytics. Based on the popular example of role analysis, we present and illustrate how this massively parallel approach can be leveraged to scale out complex data-mining tasks, while providing a programming approach that eases the formulation of complete analytical workflows.

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